Bombay Cemeteries

The town of Bombay has six cemeteries. For more detailed information, see the Franklin County Tombstone Transcription project. All information on this page was taken from that site.

Frew Cemetery
The Frew Cemetery is located on County Route 17 (Sayles Road), .5 miles south of the intersection with Route 32 or 4.4. miles north of the intersection with Route 11 in Moira.
Sand Hill Cemetery
The Sand Hill Cemetery is located at the intersection of Route 95 and the Scanlon Road in Bombay.
Hillside Rest Cemetery
The Hillside Rest Cemetery is located in Bombay on County Route 4, .1 mile east of the intersection with Route 95. It is on the north side of the road, adjacent to and behind the Bombay Methodist Church.
Saint Joseph's Cemetery
The Saint Joseph's Cemetery is located on Route 95 in Bombay, New York. Thanks to the caretaker, Yves Boulais, you can also view the cemetery records.
Kavanaugh / Croke Cemetery
The Kavanaugh / Croke Cemetery: Kavanaugh Corners is a small side road (an abandoned part of route 95) about one half mile from the junction of Route 37 and Route 95, east of Hogansburg, New York.
New St. Patrick's Cemetery
The New St. Patrick's Cemetery is located on Route 37 in Hogansburg, New York.