Worship in Bombay

United Methodist Church
Donald Alexander
19 County Route 4
Bombay, NY 12914
(518) 358-9761
The Bombay United Methodist Church is the warm Protestant expression of the Faith in Bombay and is part of the shared ministry of United Methodist Church of Bombay and Presbyterian Church of Fort Covington. The worship schedule for this church changes throughout the year, so please contact the minister for exact times.
St. Joseph's
Fr. Martin Cline
20 County Route 4
Bombay, NY 12914
(518) 358-4518
St. Patrick's
393 Church St.
Hogansburg, NY 13655
Parish Office
3 Burns Holder Road
PO Box 499
Ft. Covington, NY 12937
Phone: (518) 358-2500
Fax: (518) 358-4471

St. Joseph's Church in Bombay is part of the Catholic Communities of St. Mary's in Fort Covington and St. Patrick's in Hogansburg.

Sunday Mass is at 8:00AM in Bombay and 10:30AM at St. Mary's. The weekly anticipated mass is at 4:30PM on Saturday at St. Patrick's.

Mohawk Assembly of God
E Church St.
Hogansburg, NY 13655
(518) 358-2456
New Life Christian Church
Frogtown Rd.
Hogansburg, NY 13655
(518) 358-1514